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Thanks to your generosity and continued support, we had another successful year in bringing joy and financial support to those in need in our community. Below are the statistics of what we accomplished last year.

In 2022, Truckee Community Cares Served :






Homeless & newly
housed individuals

THANK YOU to all our sponsors, volunteers, supporters and partners who helped us complete our mission again this past year. 
We received support from over 100 local residents and businesses and for that, we want to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to every single one of you for your generosity in helping our neighbors during the holidays. Please see the names of those that were part of our mission below, there are some names not listed by request but we know in our hearts who you are. 

Aaron and Mary Lubrano

Al and Susan Adams

Alison Crabbe

Amelia Espinoza

Anne Kallus

Angela R. White

Arielle Hall

Arinana Holt

Azteca Espinoza

Bill and Sharon Fairbairn

Bill and Joan Kreamer

Bill and Sally Sterling

Blake Tresan

Candy Blesse

Cathie Foley

Charles Perez

Charles Thornton

Christine Schwarz

Cindy and Ron Olander

Claire Sternlicht

Cliff and Joan Hartwell

Daniela Negrete

David Humphreys

David Dodds

David and Cathy Valle

Deane and Patricia Dvoracek

Diana Yale

Donna Morgan

Dreamtown CrossFit

Earl Smith

Edy Klang

Elaine Baier

Elizabeth Morgan

Emily Conn

Ernest Ribera, MD

Felicia Silcox

Francis and Irene Schneller

Gabriele Schwarz

Garry Morgan

Independent Order of Oddfellows Donner Lodge

Irene Lopez

J. Smith

James Galletto

James Dudley and Susan Fernyak

Jan and Louise Zabriskie

Jean Armstrong

Jeanette and Andrew Terry

Jennifer Boehm

Jesikah Garcia

Jim Duffy

Jo Ann Polverari

John and Margo Groth

Julia Anderson

Karen McGeer

Karen Schildge

Kathleen Eagan

Kathryn and John Shaffer

Kathy Bender

Kathy and John Echols

Katrine Watson

Kimberley Forsch

Kristen Mansel

Kristi Morgan

Lahontan Community Foundation Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation

Laura Brown

Laura Walker

Laura and Mike Ryan

Laurel Turner

Lauren Schaake- Hudson

Leslie Wilson

Lillian Jamison

Linda Slattery

Lindsay Hogan

Lois and Dennis Anderson

Lynette Powell

Lynn Richardson

Margo Lausten

Mariah O'Shaughnessy and Tahoe Ability participants

Marisol Rocha

Mark Lamb

Martha Cirata

Martis Camp Community Foundation

Mary Berelson

Mary Klemmer-Blocher

Matt Ruge

Matthew and Gabriela O'Neil

Maureen Horvath

Mayra Islas

Melinda Tilly Mezger

Michael Linnett

Michael Graham

Morasha Ahrns

Mountain Hardware and Sports

Mountain Home Center

MS Gray and Nancy Latimer

Norman Nicholls


Palisdes at Tahoe

Pat Post

Patricia Fryer Kelley

Patricia Gibbons- Johnson

Patricia Hackemack

Patricia Vallin Sigala

Patricia Chin

Patricia and Paul Cardoza

Patti Brown

Perennial Nursery, Inc

Peter Bosco

Peter Morgan

Phillipa Nigg

Ralph and Patty Ramacciotti

Rebecca Bucar

Richard Adcock

Richard Rohlf

Robert E. Sutton Company, Inc.

Ronnie and Vicki Decker

Rotary Club of Truckee


Sandra Sanchez

Sara Spurlock

Schuyler and Joan Richardson

Schwab Charitable

Sharmisa Martin

Shirley and Eugene Gini

Sierra Mountain Mortgage

Stacey Nyberg

Stacy Holybee

Star's Snow Services

Stephanie and Matthew Hanson

Stephen and Rondi Rembert

Steve Randall

Steve Neft Construction

Sue Bower

Susan Detweiler

Tahoe Mountain Resorts Foundation

Tahoe Oral Surgery and Implant Center

Tahoe Truckee Airport District

Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation

Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation/Core Values Grant

Thomas and Terry Ross

Timothy and Karin Groden

Tracy and Robert Nickelson

Truckee Optimist Club

Truckee Rotary Foundation

Truckee Sunrise Rotary

Truckee Tahoe Lumber

Vail Resorts

Veronica Derrick

Villager Nursery

Waters Construction

Will Mendoza

William Apotheker

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